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Preparing For Your First Visit

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  • What is a sleep study?
    For most patients, a sleep study is a key diagnostic component of a sleep disorder evaluation. A sleep study, also called a polysomnogram (PSG), measures your brain wave activity, eye movements, muscle contractions, heart activity, breathing and blood oxygenation during sleep. The information we collect during your study is reviewed and analyzed by our respiratory therapist.
  • What is a CPAP Machine
    CPAP in an acroynm for Continious Positive Airway Pressure. CPAP machines help people breath more easily and regularly while asleep. CPAP machines increase air pressure in the throat, preventing it from collapsing during inhalation. CPAP also decreases snoring.
  • What are the benefits of using CPAP?
    CPAP therapy is considered the gold standard for treating sleep apnea. Regular CPAP usage over time has been known to reduce heart problems for people with heart disease, lower blood pressure both during the day as well as at night, improved A1C levels for type 2 diabetics, and a reduce symptoms of daytime sleepiness.
  • How do I adjust my mask correctly?
    The mask should be worn as loosely as possible. Air will be blowing out of the exhalation port on the front of the mask. Small leaks under the nose are ok, but it should not be blowing into your eyes. Contact Airway Works with any questions on mask fit or mask discomfort.
  • How often do I need to replace my mask, filters, and tubing?
    For sanitary reasons experts recommend that you change masks and tubing every 3 to 6 months and filters monthly. Medicare and almost all insurance companies cover replacements at these intervals. Regular cleaning will help extend the life of the mask. Airway works offers a convenient pick up program to regularly receive new supplies to our CPAP users. CPAP machines are generally eligible for replacement every 5 years.
  • Should I take my CPAP if I go on vacation?
    You will probably feel better if you take the CPAP with you. It is recommended that you carry it on board if you travel by plane. Remember to change your altitude setting if your machine has that option. An international plug adaptor can also be used if needed. See your owner's manual or call Airway Works with any questions.
  • What about payment and insurance?
    Airway Works will bill your insurance if we receive complete and accurate insurance information. Because insurance plans and benefits vary greatly, specific questions about your policy and coverage, including co-pays and deductibles, should be directed to your insurance carrier or employer.
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